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  2007.07.05  23.08
im 23 but will i eva see 24

im 24 today. i don't know any incubus or any other lyrics that go with being 24. maybe i am jack bower. i am flying tomorrow so maybe ill foil some hijackers plot to take over the plane and country. yeah, ill go with that. only because ill have a library named after me. bye.

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  2006.07.05  17.31
i never thought at 23 i would be at the verge of spontaneous combution

yeah i can finally say that. any way i will share this with you

this date in history: the 26th amendment was amended in 1971 making the voting age 18.

P.T. Barnum the circus owner was born in 1810

Brad Walega the world leader (person responsibe for north korea testing missiles) was born in 1983

with that said... go fuck yourself san diego

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  2006.06.07  19.44

i love being in great moods to just get ripped back down, i love having a sense of accomplishment to be reminded of how little i did. i love being reminded every day by someone i need to do something with my life. gee i don't fucking know that. i love having crappy unrealisitic dreams. i don't know, i just love it and i love being reminded of it. hey im almost 23 bitching and moning on sweet livejournal. yeah!

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  2006.06.03  13.39
the reason is treason

so my lacrosse season is over. and you know what's sweet. finished great. finished with my first ever winning season, which is great, water dumped on me while being held down in 40 degree weather was worth the time invested in showing these kids the light. now i just pray they all go to camps and extra leagues.

other than that. work sucks.

monopoly is great. especially when i win. speaking of winning, played in a decent size poker tournament yesturday and i won. woot wooooot. i get to make a payment on one of my many bills!

i start playing lacrosse on monday the 12th. so people start planning on giving me support it's at 10 jerks.

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  2006.05.21  11.57
blah bhal

so this week rocked. saw the secret machines with nicole. went to tool with frank for FREE!! somewhat kinda sorta shook danny carey's hand. yeah it was through a fence. tool rocked the house too. finished up my lacrosse season. not to happy about that but i finished with my winning record!!! 8-4. oh man, it was the greatest feeling ever. it was 40 degrees out but my guys still felt the need to hold me down and throw the water on me. i didn't care. it was awesome. now im going to help out varsity until there season is done. so that's the skinny on my life.

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  2006.05.09  20.53
it wont be loong

welp, today i made history. well history in my head. today clinched the first winning season ever for me. took all the way to my 9th season (playing/coaching) to get one. my guys beat lanse creuse and the refs horrible calls and non calls and we are now 7-4 with two games left. should be victories as well. such and incredible moment let me tell you.

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  2006.05.07  16.45
car crash came and car crash went

well i finally did it. cut up my credit cards. im way to far in debt right now. i can't spend money no more.

which brings me to my next subject. why in the blue bippy does PROOF have a fucking billboard in dearborn that give tribute to his death. he shot someone, was about to execute him and he himself was shot. oh but this guy is such a role model for all the dipshit kids that buy into the gangbanging life. and on top of that, why is it such a big deal. yeah he was in d-12, they haven't release a cd since 2001. has he done anything since then? i don't think so, just reaping the benefits of being eminems friend. and now one of t.i.'s "crew" was killed. such tragedy's to shitholes that probably deserve it anyway. but they are great role models for the kids. i guess the new fad is wearing dog tags with the names of their "fallin homeys".

red wings made me want to cry. at least the tigers and pistons are kicking arse.

do yourselfs a favor and buy these albums:
thursday - a city by the light divided
tool - 10,000 days (not satanic music by the way)
minus the bear - menos el oso
the secret machines - ten silver drops
modest mouse - this is a long drive...

that is all for now. i don't feel like giving a review on all of them, they are just plain and simply put...rocking.

everyone buy the new red hot chilli peppers and snow patrol cds this tuesday. do it. do it.

most importantly. come check out my freshman squad on tuesday at 5 when we play lanse creuse. it will be bad ass. one more victory and we are guaranteed a winning season!!!!! first time in 9 years of lacrosse i will have one. my guys are great, right now we are 6-4 with three games left. oh yeah, games are free, so that should be more motivating for you slackers.


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  2006.04.03  19.48

did i mention dayna was awesome enough to drive me to yaldo and take care of me until i was able to open my eyes? well she did, and she rocks because of that.

on a side note my guys just beat the lanse creuse lansers 3-0. that's pretty b.a. we are now 2-2.


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  2006.04.02  23.45

well folks, time for an update, been a couple months. lacrosse season has started and had three games last week. we are 1-2 right now. not bad. i have a good group of kids. this could be the year were i end up with more wins than losses for the first time in nine years.

for years and years... well four to be exact, i have wanted lasik surgery. i hate glasses with a passion and contacts dry my eyes out pretty bad. so, yesturday i went in for lasik. and no this is no april fools joke, this is the weirdest and creepiest thing ever. but, it's done, im not seeing 100% yet, but it's due to my eyes being so bad. it's pretty wild to wake up and automatically be able to see. my eyes were so bad that i couldn't see more than 6-8 inches infront of me. yestuday i was unable to open my eyes for 5 hours. pretty crazy. now i have a sweet pair of goggles i have to wear to sleep and to shower for a couple days, makes it all worth it.

radiohead has to be one of the absolute greatest bands ever. i've always liked them, but nothing more than that. until the past month i rarely listened to the cds of theirs i have until i finally broke down and bought the the bends. my iron lung and street spirit are just amazing songs. now i've listened to all of their cds about 30 times each in the past week. pretty sweet.

i guess what im trying to say is i want to start a family

saw dave attell on friday, this man is awesome. funny guy, funny guy.

mind of mencia guy is unbarebly lame. i want to pistol whip him.

and im done, bye.

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  2006.02.13  17.13
i don't need my ego fed

well this weekend was quite interesting. friday i won 2 poker tournaments. saturday crashed a wedding anniversary party and yesturday finally after many moons of wanting to do this, i went snowboarding thanks to megan. it is my new passion in life. not better than lacrosse, but very much fun. im in much pain today but it's a good pain. i guess. and tonight starts the first lacrosse practice of the macomb community college team. woot woot. man im on a roll of updating on here now. seems like myspace has ruined the livejournal land because no one really updates anymore. welp bye.

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  2006.01.29  23.49
not an emo update!

i had the weirdest dream last night. i was on a college campus talking to a friend then all of a sudden i saw ed o'neil walk by. you may know him better as al bundy. i approached him and he blew me off and i said fine screw you man, i just wanted to tell you i admire your work. he said sorry kid everyone i met always wants me to do al bundy impersonations. and i said yeah i loved the show but dutch was great to man.

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  2006.01.27  00.01
hey brad, why don't you you update anymore

well good question timmy tough nuts. nothing really changed. read my last entry. minus the drunk guy i work with. he no longer works there. now all the work is dumped on me and i get ragged on for not doing enough work for what i am paid. yippy skippy. i am not taking classes this semester. drama.... basically i called a teacher that was not mine and asshole last semester and welp, he wouldn't let me into his class this semester and yeah whatever. i still eat healthy. even healthier now. walega family diet. but wait, im still packing the pounds. pretty sweet. i can't catch a break to save my life. i really do think now that there is a force that just wants to see me fail. i know i will forever be a loser and i should just start working on my beer belly and cheese bar room pick up lines because i fear that's all i will become. oh yes and maybe i will advance at work far enough to make 8 whole fucking dollars an hour and i can buy a fucking beer. yay.

well i guess if you wanted to nit pick, i did get an iMac G5 computer. that's new. me and Dayna watch many movies. not boring it's pretyt cool actually. finally seeing movies that i've always wanted to see. i think i hate poker with a passion. kind of goes along the lines of never catching a break. only i can come in second two times in one night and lose with pocket queens. i will also begin writing my book again soon. hopefully i'll find the time.

do yourselves a favor and purchase the new calla cd called collisions. i doubt anyone really will, maybe eric. welp, bye. maybe ill upday in another 3 months.

Mood: take your pick
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  2005.10.19  13.46

i think i like failure. it seems no matter what i touch, say, do, well come in contact with it goes to shit. i don't know, it just sucks. i study my ass off just to do poorly. im wasting my time and money. i really should just conserve my money, cuz im not gonna make shit in the future. i'm having a lot of health problems (oh i eat heathly, so different kind of health problems) that is really restiricting what i can and cannot do. double awesome. i really can't find something i am truely good at. oh well. boo hoo.

went to a couple concerts. yippy skippy. foo fighter's/weezer/kaiser cheifs was a great show. so was nine inch nails/queens of the stone age/autolux. and having front row for death cab for cutie certainly was awesome.

i really hate my job. im so exhausted. and the drunk i work with gets away with everything. and when i say everything, i really do mean EVERYTHING. he vented to a customer last week and made fun of my boss to him as my boss was standing right next to him. oh, no, don't worry people of livejournal land, mr. gatto was not punished. but i get hounded when ever i hold a 30 conversation with someone at the rental. so awesome.

i really want to move out.

well i have to go back to school i just did shitty on my bio test, now i must go get critisized on my story/book that im writing for my creative writting class. super.

Mood: gee i wonder what my mood is
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  2005.09.18  12.15
you ain't got music if you aint got muscle oh yeah

so last night i went to the my chemical romance show with dayna. on the way there we listened to the radio and they said to bring in can goods and get backstage passes. so this was a no brainer since this is dayna favorite band. still working on her to realize better bands. ha. anyway. so we did get our backstage passes, just before we lost all hope in getting them. they show was pretty good. reggie and the full effect was pretty cool. they covered a slayer song. the music sounded good, vocals were mediocre at best. oh well. alkaline trio was actually really good. i enjoyed them. my chemcical romance was pretty good as well. only thing that bothered me is, if they did a 21 and up show at lets say the shelter, i don't think they'd sell it out. i felt old. oh well. during the meet and greet me and dayna were way towards the front and we decided to go to the back for hopes in maybe they'd let us get a group photo with them since we were the last. their manager was a jerk and yelled at everyone that asked it, but i still asked the guitarist and he was all about it. pretty friendly. so they had the asshole manager that did want that stuff to go on take the picture. twas a good night.

oh yeah and that's 7 consecutive shows now of something "awesome" happening.

title or description

i love this look. he looks so hot. it's funny that rappers really think that look cool. i hope he gets robbed and punched in the mouth so he looses his entire fortune and his teeth and has no way to pay for new teeth. how much money do you have to have to think you have nothing else to do with your money so ill just ruin my teeth and look like a clown.

speaking of clowns. 50 cent anounced what his next cd will sound like. he says he knows what his fans want. so "The new music you'll soon be hearing from 50 Cent won't be all that different from what you've heard in the past, he says, and there's a reason for that." basically saying it will be recycled garbage from he previous cds. kind of sounds like his side kick, eminem. oh and did you know this great idol for kids of all ages wrote a book. HE wrote the book. that must be some fine american literature.

anyway, two GREAT GREAT GREAT cds came out tuesday. i highly suggest:
the dandy warhols - Odditorium or warlords of mars
local h - live (all their hits live, and more.)

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  2005.09.05  11.50
a rant and rave. many may dislike me for no reason.

but hey at least it's bush's fault katrina happend. i love how this whole thing is quickly turning into a race riot. all the blacks are up set it took so long for help that they are going to shoot rescue crews. in the superdome one night i believe on friday there were 9 rapes, 5 murders, 2 suicide. all commited by black people. for one i just can't seem to get my little motor running when there is death, torcher and distruction going on so that alone is pretty disturbing. then noone helps these people. my mom works with 90% blacks and she just brought up the fact that it was unbelievable "people" not "blacks or white" were looting. then a black dude, said "hell yeah i agree with it. they be huh stealing vcrs and big screen tvs so they can sell it when the time is right. they huh be thinking ahead." so basically lets steal water damaged shit and not useful stuff like i don't know. food. i can understand the panic and people not knowing how to act, but when ever a white person was interviewd on the news they were just thankful to be alive and a black person would say its racist they were being helped quickly enough. i was thankful to hear last night that a group of thugs who shot at national guard last night were shot back at and most of them were killed.

many people are proably thinking... geeze brad. you sound racist. well, im not. one of my biggest idols and reasons for being who and how i am is black. i hate a lot of people. i hate whites, and nearly somebody from every ethnicity. i know i was singling black people out. and im sure not every black person was doing all this. and im sure some were just thankful to be alive. im also sure some white people were looting. but im just speaking on the majority behalf. sorry i didn't say african-american. i refuse to say that until i am call polish-irish-american. it just bothers me very much that a hurricane can turn into something racist. yeah, i do kind of agree help efforts were kind of slow, but then again there a a HUGE area affected and most of it was under water. it was probably hard to help right away. not because they were black. so maybe when this is all over the naacp and black collision will get their people another network tv channel or maybe tax breaks even though many many many white people were affected to. but hey it's racisim. celebrities like KANYE WEST says so, so it must be racist. oh yeah, did you know kanye west was a poor black man. silly me i thought he was rich.

im not racist. in fact i wish i was black. then i would be able to use racism for all my misfortunes and get breaks on everything. oh and then i would be able to say honkey. or cracker and get away with it, AND people would laugh at my joke to. hahaha. lol. smile.

dont get me wrong. i hope and pray for all those in need of it. this is a tragedy. it just upsets me to hear and see peoples reaction to such a tragedy.

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  2005.08.25  07.33
come and ill take you under

title or description

who's excited. oh that would be me. the presale password is tictactoe if anyone is interested

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  2005.08.20  17.04
in the age of the chimpanse i was a monkey

sooo, i update way to frequently. sarcasim. but i didn't see anyone complaining. much has gone on. i'd hope so, almost been two months. but ill keep it short. lacrosse has ended, big bummer, it may start up again soon though. i've been to a few shows. the past five consecutive shows have been quite memorable. why? well i will tell you.

me chuck and dayna went to the ol haylof in mt clemens. great great show. we saw jimmie's chicken shack. the rocked for 2 and a half hours. afterwards we met the band i got everything signed it was sweet. during the show they had a couple people come on stage and free style. it was pretty interesting, but when that happend chuck kept yelling "let me play your drums" (he's a drummer) anyways that went unheard. so when we met the band chuck said something about playing the drums so the singer said hey if you come to the show tomorrow ill make it happen.

me chuck and dayna went to flint town for day two of jimmie's chicken shack in hopes that they would remember and actually let him play the drums. so, before the show we see jimmi hanging out and he notice us first actually, well dayna to be exact. jimmi can up to us and thank us for coming again and we chatted for a while and he said to chuck, "you ready to play some drums" so he did remember. cool. i talked to the band about lacrosse. kind of funny. so near the end of the show jimmi said "okay, our drummer has to pee so we are going to have a special guest drummer" sure enough chuck went up there and didn't just do a jam, he actually played a song with them. simply incredible. he did a great job and im not just saying that. so after the show we talked to jimmi again for a while. he kissed dayna's hand and i yelled at im. jokingly. so then he kissed her hand again. awesome show.

yup three shows in three days. but this time i went to the warped tour. i was definatly the oldest person there. felt very out of place. but oh well it was free thanks to dayna and her abilty to win everything from 89x. saosin rocked. thrice kicked some butt, can't wait to see them in october. offspring was pretty sweet, except for being a headline act they only played for a half hour. my chemical romance was good too. infact for the third day in the row i met another band. not only did dayna win tickets but she also one a pass for a meet and greet with my chemical romance. so we met them. nice people. gerard sucked though. he disappeard shortly after. pretty sweet show, took for ever to leave.

ozzfest was this day. it was pretty cool. rob zombie was pretty cool. after rob zombie played i got inline to meet none other than TONY IOMMI AND GEEZER BUTLER. for those who don't know they are the guitarist and bassist of BLACK SABBATH. man this was monumental for me. sabbath is not only my favorite band but one of the most influentail bands in music history and i met two forths of the band. simply awesome. so, after that me and jason caught the tail end of black label society, they were good, but then saw mudvayne (sucked except their last song, which i liked) shadows fall (sucked) iron madien (sucked, i guess the singer fell up the stairs durning the set, i didn't see i was busy sitting down) but sabbath rocked the house. played two songs i never seen them perform. but then it was a basic sabbath set which sucked but oh well.

this was the 311 show at freedom hill. before the show me and frank stood by the gate where the bands go into the backstage area. before any action happened me and frank saw the papa roach singer walking in so we approched him and frank said "hey, how's it going, do you think it would be possible to take a cd of mine and had the guys of 311 sign this?" does anyone else find this funny? needless to say, he didn't do it. so a few minutes later the guitarist of 311 came out and chatted for a while and signed a couple autographs. soon after we couldn't stand at that spot anymore so we went in and stood by another fence that led to the backstage area. soon after a guy came out and frank asked him if he could take a cd back and have 311 sign it. he said no, but then said "6 people didn't show up for the meet and greet, if they don't show up in the next 10 minutes ill bring you guys back." so we waited for about 20 minutes and about to give up, but alas the guy came out and brought us backstage. and we met the band. 5 consecutive shows i met bands. so i had the new cd booklet signed and s.a. said "did you listen to the cd yet" i said "actually i haven't had the chance to yet, but i just don't know if i am, im gonna put it on the back burner for a while" nick hexum started laughing and then i told s.a. i was just kidding. very nice people. they also signed a poster. they played 24 songs in about an hour and forty minutes and just rocked. awesome live band, i can't wait to see them again.

more has happened but this entry is really long so im going to end it now. bye bye.

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  2005.07.05  09.46
im at work

today is my 22nd birthday, and it is the last day of my life

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  2005.05.15  13.09

My Baby's 18th Birthday!

Today my baby girl's 18th birthday ... I be so glad that this my last
child support payment! Month after month, year after year, all those damn payments!

So I call my baby girl, LaKeesha, to come to my house, and when she get
there, I say, "Baby girl, I want you to take this check over to yo momma
house and tell her this be the last check she ever be gettin' from me, and
I want you to come back and tell me the _expression that's on yo mama's

So my baby girl she take the check over to her. I be anxious to hear
what she say and what she look like. Baby girl walk through the door, I say,

"Now what yo momma say 'bout that?"

She say to tell you that "you ain't my daddy . and watch the _expression
on yo face....."

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  2005.05.15  12.24
Not if you the last junkie on earth

so apartently i need to update. what about. hmmmm. well lacrosse season is nearly over. had it's ups and downs. right now we are 2-8. record doesn't mean a whole lot. we competed very well in a few games and a couple games we definatly got our asses kicked. tomorrow we play orchard lake st mary's. we played them earlier this season and lost by two. we should deffinatly be able to take this one this time.

clutch concert was a couple weeks ago. fucking insane. easily one the best live bands. i would consider skiping out on an ozzy concert to see clutch. weezer was last week. very great show. much better than when i saw them at dte a couple years ago. they played a few new songs which got me very excited for the new cd. and tonight my friends is the mars volta show. i haven't seen them yet so im pretty excited about this show.

aquired a couple new cds. by couple i guess i mean a lot. on tuesday i got the new weezer, team sleep and dmb cds. weezers cd is awesome, team sleep is just fanfuckingtastic and dmb's new one is very different. needs to grow on me i guess. but it's not bad. the caesers fucking own. circa survive owns. ringside is just fabulous. and i think their may be more, but that's all for now.

me and dayna i guess you could say are "dating" now. she's a pretty kick ass girl and im awesome so i guess that kind of thing happens.

played a poker tournament last night. lost to some guy that really sucks but got lucky on this one hand. pretty upset, missed out on winning $700. i truely thought i could have won. past two small tournaments i've been in i've won. but i didn't win this, so what did i do? well, got drunk.


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  2005.04.25  22.43
can you take me back to that place where stars glow

well this week has been interesting. much to update, but ill keep it striped down as much as possible.

monday i had a game against lanse creuse. yeah, they are a good team this year. they smoked us. the score will not be mentioned, so lets just say that. tuesday had another game against romeo. we should have smoked them. needless to say for the first time in lanse creuse north lacrosse history was their a double overtime. and yes, i won my first game as a head coach. really awesome. i guess my guys were going to dump the water jug on me, but i was walking away before they could.

went to a couple varsity games. they won 19-0 against one team and lost in double overtime in another.

i hung out with my new friend dayna once or twice this week. huh? good girl, good friend.

went to see mikes band last night, the goodnight variety. i must admit, i hate local bands, they tend to suck. and im not only saying this because im friends with mike and rob but they are a damn good band. so good job. and i'd like to thank rob for getting hatebreed on stage to do his death metal grawl and show his man boob. funniest thing ever.

circa survive, kasabian, open hand, and a couple more bands are just simply great at the moment, so check them out.

i love when my parents want me to buy them cigarettes and get mad at me cuz i never want to support the cause. but then my dad gets his ankel oporation tomorrow. he's very nervous.

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  2005.04.17  21.52
the lack of pleasent dreams.

sooo people another update. i have had two more games. we played eisenhower on monday. we were down 6-3 with 3 minutes to go into the game, we tied it up and took it to overtime. AND.......lost. my guy's started out pretty rough, but ended pretty strong. wednesday we played orchar lake st. mary's. nearly the same thing happened. we couldn't complete our comeback however. and in this game i nearly got kicked out for yelling at the ref. these refs were beyond horrible. another coach on my team offered to buy him a rule book. kind of funny if you think about it. tomorrow we play cross town rivals lanse creuse central and tuesday we play romeo. should be two wins. but we shall see.

lets see what else can i talk about. last night i had fun. last night was fun. it's been a while where i had a complete night of awesomeness. i won 3 bucks in poker in like five minutes. this one kid tried to show off a death metal voice and made a complete ass of himself. and he had offset man boob. met a couple people. good people might i add, someone for the second time but kind of the first time.

i've cleaned my room. it's quite the accomplishment unfortunatly. but it's done and im going. bye.

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  2005.04.11  01.04
there are women in cypress grove.

welp, tuesday was my first game as a head coach. we held pretty tight with delasalle, and then shut down. we lost 11 to 2. that's okay though, my guy's first game and it was against a strong delasalle team. on friday i had my second game. we lost. 8-5. definatly out played ann arbor huron, but not being conditioned lost us the game. tomorrow we have eisenhower. it's at 5 at home so go cheer my guys on. eisenhower used to suck, but they have been turning their program around, so this game could go either way. but i think an ass whoopin will be served by lcn.

last night i went to local h (or local oooooooo, as megan and i deemed them last night) and it was awesome. i haven't been to the machine shop yet, and that place is pretty cool. and i got my clutch ticket for may 2nd! they didn't go on until 11 and until then me and megan just sat outside. an old lady triped over my foot and looked like she was going to kill me after i attempted to catch her and apologized. but anyway, they played nearly 2 hours (i think) and 17 songs. no one will care about this but...
everyone alive
bound for the floor
lovey dovey
heaven on the way down >
eddie vedder
p.j. soles
hands on the bible
all the kids are right
cooler heads
president forever
fritz's corner
high-fiving mf
no problem
california songs
that's what they all say

at the end of the set scott lucas (singer/guitar guy) jumped into the crowd and crowd surfed to the merchandise table. not just crowd surfed, but was carried. kind of interesting. i didn't buy anything, i think i own every local h item so yeah. id have really liked to hear cynic. of course other songs, but that would have been cool. but they played great and it was a great night.

tonight i watched death to smootchy with anastasia. never watched the whole movie just parts and same with her, so we desided to end that.

i went to school with him, he was always a nice guy. kind of strange how you can't judge a book by it's cover kind of thing.

me and megan rockin with mr. david scott lucas
title or description

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  2005.04.04  20.17
and i could keep you all to myself

title or description

so the death of mitch hedberg hit me with a mighty open hand slap to the face. like a few others in livejournal land i was a big fan. good thing i saw him in february.

last night i went to the queens of the stone age concert. BAD ASS SHOW. me and frank got there at 5:30 when doors opened at 8. why? because we are tight like that. and the queens are one of our favorite bands. while waiting in like, mr. josh homme walked up the front steps of st andrews and said "hey guys" we (all 4 of us) just stared at him dumbstruck like. and i blurted out "hey man hows it going" so had a prime autograph session ruined by no reactions. dammit. anyway about 20 minutes later Troy walked into st. andrews and frank asked him if he could spare the time to come back out with josh for autographs. frank, that was awesome. troy said, yeah maybe after sound check. yup, they were no shows. but that's okay we were entertained by a couple homless people.

anyway... the show. throw rag opened. they were pretty entertaining. singer looked quite cracked out. a guy played the washbored. he was very disgusting. he was sweeting profusely and jumped onto the barrier (where me and frank were ever so appropriatly standing) and well the guy lifted his shirt up and grabed the guy's head next to me and pulled him into his chest. then he came over to me to do that, but i kind of pushed him away and leaned far away. later in the show the same guy who used spoons to play his washbored scooped up sweet from his back fat and his arm pits and slurped it up and again did the same thing but flung it in the crowed. not cool.

queens of the stone age just absolutely rocked. me and frank stood directly infront of josh and rocked out. they played for just under two hours and josh nearly jumped into the crowd to beat someones face in for throwing a lit cigarette at him. but anyway here is the set even though you don't care.

in no particular order....
-Someone's in the Wolf
-tangled up in plaid
-Burn the Witch
-In my Head
-Little Sister
-Broken Box
-Long Slow Goodbye
-No one knows
-First it Giveth
-Song for the dead
-Go with the flow
-Feel Good Hit of the Summer
-Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
-Leg of Lamb
-Monsters in the Parasol
-I Think I Lost My Headache
-You Would Know
-Regular John

anyway tomorrow is my first lacrosse game as a head coach. it's against delasalle at 4 tomorrow. if you are interested in going its at bishop gallager field on 16 and utica rd!

anyway, that is all for now dudes.

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  2005.03.29  22.33
don't matter to me don't matter to you

so an update. well....last night i went to update, had a long update, and then i had a "brad day" or "brad moment" as chuck puts it. of course it just wouldn't load up. but any way....i went down to purdue this past weekend. and gave jamie a visit. had a good time. it was good to get away from this place. we watched a couple movies. boondock saints because everyone and their mothers have seen this movie and we were left in the dark, and hitch. i must admit both movies were pretty good. i really liked how william dafoes character was gay and he kept calling gay people fags. yeah, it was funny. we also did some talking. needless to say, no matter what happens she will always remain my best friend. and she will be graduating in may and will have a nice job waiting for her a month later in columbus ohio. so congratulate her.

other news. well don't really have "news" worthy stuff so ill just ramble.

my first game as a head coach will be 4/5 at 4:00pm against DeLaSalle. should prove to be a good game.

EAGLES OF DEATH METAL are this friday! at st andrews hall. would anyone like to accompany me? no? okay.

im addicted to ebay.

i was the hero at work today, but no one really cared. pretty sweet i guess.

okay. anything i may have said negative about the new queens cd is to be taken completly back. the new cd is just incredible. true i wish nick was still in the band to add his "flava" but josh did a damn good job. so treat your ears to some candy, go buy this cd.

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