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laxpunk1683's Journal

5 July 1983
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every time i think about you i touch myself.
16, 28 days later, a perfect circle, abloom, ac/dc, alexisonfire, andy kaufman, audioslave, ben folds, bers, big fish, black sabbath, blink 182, bloodhound gang, boy sets fire, burden brothers, butthole surfers, calla, catch 22, cave in, chevelle, chris farley, chris rock, clutch, coaching lacrosse, coheed and cambria, cold, coldplay, dandy warhols, dave attell, dave grohl, dave matthews band, david usher, deftones, denis leary, descendents, dropkick murphys, econoline crush, family guy, farts, filter, finger eleven, foo fighters, football, ford ranger edge, from autumn to ashes, george carlin, glassjaw, hairy backs, head automatica, hockey, hot water music, i mother earth, incubus, janes addiction, jimmies chicken shack, jimmy eat world, kelly clarkson, kids in the hall, lacrosse, lax, lcn lax, led zeppelin, lewis black, local h, lynyrd skynyrd, mars volta, matthew good band, mila kunis, mitch hedberg, moist, moneen, movies, my chemical romance, nelly furtado, nofx, offspring, onesidezero, our lady peace, ozzy, pennywise, pink floyd, primus, probot, qotsa, radiohead, reading, red hot chili peppers, red wings, rival schools, rolling stones, seinfeld, sevendust, silverchair, slayer, smashing pumkins, snapcase, soul coughing, soulfly, spiderman, staind, stone temple pilots, stuff, stx, sublime, switchfoot, system of a down, tea party, tears of the sun, tenacious d, the stills, the used, thrice, thursday, tiremakers, toadies, tool, tragically hip, vandals, weezer, whitey tighties, writing, x-men, zebrahead